Sunday, 11 June 2017

Attic Window

I have a group of  six ladies that come every Monday for sewing, chatting and fixing the world problems  😊
We have decided to do a Technique's Quilt so every one picked a block that they would like to learn and first up is Attic Window's.
I will be making a block every week and using fabrics from my stash.
I have decided to do a step by step tutorial so if you would like to follow you are quite welcome to.

From my stash.

Cut 4 squares x 5 inches
Cut 8 strips x 2 inches x 7½ inches
for the window ledge use a light and dark fabric so it gives the illusion of light and shadow.
I am using four colour ways.
On the wrong side of the square fabrics, lower right, place a dot ¼ inch from the corner.

Sew strip onto left hand side - face to face, letting it over hang at the bottom.

 Sew to the ¼ inch mark and do a back stitch.
Fold back, finger press.
Place bottom strip on - face to face, letting it cross and overlap the side strip.

Sew seam and stop at the ¼ inch mark.

Fold back, finger press.

Fold the block diagonally making sure your strips line up straight with each other. Place your ruler on the 45° line of the fold.

Now mark a line on the strip fabric following the fold line.
*Pin in place and sew (do a back stitch) from the corner seam to the edge.
 *Make sure the seams of the strip lay towards the square when you start sewing the mitre.

Now you have the perfect mitred corner
Cut of waste ¼ inch from the sewing line.


Make up the other blocks.

 Sew two blocks together for each row.


Then join the rows together.

I like to sew around the block 1/8 inch around the edge to stop it from distorting.

Then press.
 Hope you enjoyed making this block.
Thanks for stopping by
Carol 🌹

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